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Commission Pricing Guide

Line Art
Flat Colors
Fully Rendered
Waist Up
Full Body

*Add 25% for up to one additional character.

*Add 5% for MAJOR pattern and/or details.

Style Book


Will Do...

  • Original Characters

  • Fan Art

  • Real People

  • Simple Interactions of Characters

  • Simple Weapons/ Light Armor

Won't Do...

  • Furrys

  • NSFW

  • Political Themes

  • Extreme Gore

  • Complicated Weapons/ Heavy Armor

  • Intricate Scenery

Commission Information

Final Artwork will be sent via email in 300 DPI, RGB color, in JPG file.
Payment is done through PayPal only. Half of the commission cost is due upfront to get the job started, the other half is due upon completion.
How your commission is handled once purchase is complete is limited to personal use (i.e. posters, t-shirts, reposting with credit, etc.). You may not resell purchased commissions or profit off of them (i.e. mass producing image, using it as a logo, etc.).
Cancellations will be refunded only if you have NOT received a rough sketch of your commission. Rough sketches will be sent 1-2 days after the first payment has been confirmed. After you have received your rough sketch, you are free to cancel, but you WILL NOT be refunded.
The turnaround time for commissions is currently three weeks. Smaller, simpler commissions can be expected to have shorter turnaround times than larger, more complex commissions.
Communication will take place via email or Instagram where you can directly message me. You can expect me to contact you at least twice; once with your rough sketch and one progress photo after that.
Wills nd Won'ts
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